To promote learning and the spread of innovative ideas among its members, the Christian Higher Education Innovation Alliance (CHEIA) hosts webinars and other virtual events, featuring noted experts and guest speakers.  If you’d like to share your expertise and/or have an idea for a webinar topic, please contact Mike Truong (

Virtual Reality: New Directions for Christian Ministry and Education in the Post-2020 World, May 25, 2022

As virtual reality becomes increasingly prominent throughout society, churches and educational institutions must assess how to respond thoughtfully and biblically. In this webinar, Dr. Jonathan Armstrong, co-author of Virtual Reality Church with Dr. Darrell Bock, will share on how to faithfully apply virtual reality for ministry and educational purposes. He will examine the risks and opportunities of integrating revolutionary technologies into the Christian life. Dr. Armstrong currently serves as the Program Director of the Bodelschwingh-Studienstiftung, an evangelical foundation based in Marburg, the mission of which is to promote trust in the Bible as the Word of God among theology students and pastors in Germany. Jonathan also consults on the intersection of education and technology and serves as the president of Aqueduct Project. Slides available here.

From Zero to Hero: Online Learning After COVID-19, June 25, 2020

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning in the higher education landscape was considered peripheral, if not optional. The black swan event rendered on-campus learning for most schools unfeasible, making online learning the only viable option for course continuity. This webinar will explore five important considerations when deploying online learning at your institution after COVID-19. Our time together will include a presentation with participant interactions. Slides available here.

Disruptive Innovation & Accreditation in Christian Higher Education for the Majority World, Presentation at ICETE 2018 Consultation, Panama, November 1

This presentation explains why we need a new system for Christian education based around the needs of the majority world. It then explores models of alternative accreditation and transnational education the could help form the basis of this new system. Slides are available here.

Educational Technology Solutions for Theological Education by Walker Tzeng from WETIA

Blockchain in Higher Education Webinar

In this webinar, Andrew Sears, President of City Vision University presents with Michael Mathews, CIO of Oral Roberts University about the implications of blockchain for higher education. Other panelist include Bernard Bull (Concordia University), Amanda Forbes (Trinity Education Network), Steven Geggie (Trinity International University), Gary Heard (Whitley College), Deo Mwano (Motivis Learning), James Nasipak (Azuza), Janet Sommers (University of Northwestern), Chris Welman (Clarks Summit University), Rob Westervelt (George Fox University), Dan Waite (Concordia) and Jonathan Armstrong (Aqueduct Project). Slides are available here.

Innovative Opportunities to Expand Access to Christian Higher Education Globally, featuring Matthew Henry, Andrew Sears, David Shynn, and Mike Truong

In this webinar, Matthew Henry from LaTourneau University facilitates three different, but related presentations. Andrew Sears from City Vision University discusses the different disruptive opportunities for increasing access to CHE for the majority world. David Shynn of Biola University talks about his institution’s recent efforts to forge global partnerships. Mike Truong of Azusa Pacific University explores the potential of micro-campuses, a low-cost, high-impact model for expanding CHE access. This presentation was initially given at the CCCU International Forum in Dallas on Februrary 1, 2018.  Audio only, chat transcript, presentation slides, and video file available here

Majority World Christian Leadership Development and Disruptive Innovation

This workshop was presented by Andrew Sears with ProMeta in Colorado Springs and William Carey International University. The focus was on how we need a new system for Christian education based around the needs of the majority world. You can also find slides on SlideShare.

How Open Education Can Cross the Chasm to Educate a Billion Globally

This workshop was presented by Andrew Sears at the Saylor Academy Higher Education Summit on June 22, 2017 in Washington D.C.  You can also find slides on SlideShare.

The Role of the Accreditation Agency in the Task of Global Pastoral Training, April 21, 2017

This webinar was organized by the Aqueduct Project with some leading voices in global theological education and accreditation. A key action step was to develop standards between informal theological education and formal to enable many-to-many articulation agreements.

You can fine the full transcript here. You can find slideshare presentation at:

Innovation in Christian Higher Education for YWAM, Geneva, March 9, 2017

This workshop was presented by Andrew Sears at YWAM’s University of the Nations Core International Leadership Team Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. You can also find the slides on SlideShare.

A Vision of Christian Higher Education: Competing in a Platform-Based World, featuring Dr. Andrew Sears Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Recording: Click here to view video recording of webinar.  Audio only and transcript of chat also available.

Abstract: Dr. Andrew Sears, President of City Vision University, has a vision for how Christian higher education might compete in a world dominated by platforms.  Just as Microsoft had to make a radical shift in strategy to compete in an unbundled, platform world, he believes that Christian higher education must do the same. This webinar will be facilitated by Matthew Henry, LeTourneau University, and Mike Truong, Azusa Pacific University.

Resources: Prior to the webinar, participants were asked to watch the following 30-minute video created by Dr. Sears.